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Bonusrev Partners

BonusRev Partners

BonusRev Partners is a performance marketing company focused on online consumer lead generation. We deliver qualified live consumer data to companies for marketing and customer acquisition purposes. For our partners, we drive ancillary revenue and increase profit margin.

We operate in 12 Asia Pacific markets, as well as South Africa.

What We Do

BonusRev Partners works closely with top B2C companies in each of our markets to host our post-transaction product, the Exit widget. Customers who have purchased a product on our partners’ websites are given the chance to view exclusive offers from our advertisers.  Any offer a user selects will earn revenue for the partner site, while rewarding the user with something that interests them.

Our Partners

A sample of our Exit widget partners is listed below.  They are top consumer brands in their home markets.

To find out more about becoming an Exit widget partner, please email us at

Our Partners

A sample of our Exit widget partners is listed below.  They are top consumer brands in their home markets.

To find out more about becoming an Exit widget partner, please email us at

Our Advertisers

A sample of our advertisers is listed below. They range across many industry verticals, including banking, insurance, charities, travel, telecommunications and education.

To find out more about becoming an Exit widget advertiser, please email us at

Our Users

Once you complete a purchase from any of our Exit widget partners, you will have the opportunity to view exclusive offers from our advertisers, as well as have a chance to win the prize in the lucky draw.

Participation in our competitions is free of charge. BonusRev Partners guarantees that the competitions are carried out. After entry into the competition draws, users are presented with a questionnaire and promotional offers from third party advertisers. Completing the questionnaire is not a requirement for entry into the competitions, although users acknowledge and consent to their email address and other contact information supplied being provided to third party advertisers upon entry. BonusRev Partners is compliant with all local data protection legislation in the countries it operates in.


Our lucky prizewinners


Taiwan Scoot Winner 2021


Malaysia Scoot Winner 2021

Ting Heng Seng

Australia Scoot Winner 2021

Luong Thi Van Anh

Hong Kong Scoot Winner 2021

NG, Kwok Jing


Taiwan Kingstone’s Winner 2020


Singapore Scoot Winner 2020

Nur Faizah Binte Nordin

Hong Kong Scoot Winner 2020

James Lees

Australia Scoot Winner 2020

Sarmad Saleen Akram

Taiwan Scoot Winner 2020

Sijia Zhou

Taiwan Scoot Winner 2020


Malaysia Scoot Winner 2020

Liew Pei Sing

Malaysia Firefly Winner 2020

Zoe Lee Wen Geey

Singapore Scoot Winner 2020

Jiao Enhua

Singapore Scoot Winner 2020

Ng Xue Qi

Australia Scoot Winner 2020

Vu Phuong Anh, Nguyen

Australia Scoot Winner 2020

Pratheesh Arridhas

Australia Scoot Winner 2020

Gina Lim

Taiwan Scoot Winner 2020


Singapore Qoo10 e-Voucher Winner 2020

Chia Joo Khong Vincent

Philippines Scoot Winner 2020

Joel Ng


Malaysia Scoot Winner  2019

Asokumaran A/L Mooty

Malaysia Scoot Winner 2019

Woon Tai Chuan

Malaysia Firefly Winner 2019

Yap Chooi Luan

Malaysia Scoot Winner  2019

Yap Jing Ni

Taiwan Ezfly Winner 2019

Xu Ziwei

Taiwan Scoot Winner  2019


Thailand Scoot Winner 2019

Arnont Saengsiritongchai

China Scoot Winner  2019


Singapore Scoot Winner  2019

Lo Xueyan

Singapore Scoot Winner  2019

Huimin Liu

Australia Scoot Winner  2019

Marco Simanjaya

Australia Scoot Winner  2019

Tien Nguyen

Hong Kong Scoot Winner  2019

Lau Pan

Singapore Qoo10 Winner 2019

Chan Soo Chia Alan

Malaysia Scoot Winner 2019

Vincent Ho

Malaysia Firefly Winner 2019

Foo Loke Kian

Indonesia Sriwijaya Air Winner 2019

Farit Hafid

Thailand Scoot Winner  2019

Miss Pongpun Prakobnun

Philippines Scoot Winner 2019

Carlwin Dayagdag


Malaysia Scoot Winner 2018

Wong Wei Loon

Philippines Scoot Winner 2018

Analyn Angeles

Indonesia Scoot Winner 2018

Synthia Winata

Hong Kong Scoot Winner 2018

Yim Wai Ming

Singapore Scoot Winner 2018

Tan Mui Nghee

Taiwan Scoot Winner 2018



Korea Scoot Winner 2017


Australia Holidays Giveaway Winner 2017

Kate Moran

New Zealand Winner 2017

Peter Robinson

China Scoots Air Winner 2017


Thailand Scoot Winner 2017

Pat Suebrerk

Hong Kong Scoot Winner 2017

Tsang Pak

Contact Us

For general enquiries, or to find out more about becoming an Exit widget partner, please email us at

For customer service enquiries, please email the relevant email addresses: